My Life with God

Strange Things

photo-1524448253781-ca41dd022f62I’m thankful for strange things. They aren’t strange in a weird way but unexpected in their timing and impact.

Some of those experiences have come through my writings here. People I know encourage me. I appreciate it. It warms my heart, but it doesn’t usually surprise me.

But there are people I don’t know or have had limited contact who reach out to say thanks for a variety of things. Giving a glimpse into my life might remind them they aren’t alone. They might feel a dose of strength to take the next step. They might be reminded of who God is.

There is give and take in this faith-filled journey of life. I give, and I receive. Many of you have received and given back to me or forward to someone else.

Being on this journey together doesn’t require we do life physically side by side. It requires what only each of us can offer: humility and transparency. We help one another when we’re willing to travel each step of our journeys with humility and transparency. We step closer to God with our humility and transparency. We face our next steps with renewed strength and perseverance with our humility and transparency.

Humility and transparency are strange things in the sense they are not as common as we’d like to assume. We want to define what they are, but in doing so, we step away from becoming them. Depending on where we are in our journey, we can be repelled by or attracted to humility and transparency. Even when they feel strange to us – perhaps especially when they feel strange to us – stepping into them invites us to walk together.

Thank you for walking with me today.

Look around. There are many others who might need to take a few steps with you today.

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