My Life with God

To Inspire Or Distract

photo-1493710494541-43364cb47485There is a difference between inspiration and distraction.

We scroll through social media at times to be inspired – home improvements, recipes, family trips, life quips and wisdom – but we often mistake distraction for inspiration. We spend more time searching for what we’re unsure we want and get sidetracked by what we don’t need.

Not always. I’m not bashing social media. I’m encouraging more active engagement, applying discernment, using filters that purify, not disguise or distort.

Social media isn’t the culprit. The way we interact with it is the issue. And it’s not isolated to social media. It’s everyday life, the choices we make about what we focus on and how we process.

Identify distractions and refocus in every situation of today. Use good filters and focus on the core things of life. It takes some effort to get to them and it certainly takes time and effort to keep your eyes on them. But the core purpose of life is pure and worthwhile.

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