My Life with God

Where to Camp

photo-1517968382857-9c08a40a988bThere is nothing new under the sun, including the many false conclusions people draw regarding God.

There is no God at all.

There may be a God, but, if so, He’s no different than Dr. Frankenstein, at the mercy of the monsters He created.

If there is a God, He has either checked out on planet Earth, or He’s cruel and spiteful.

If there is a compassionate God, He is clearly not all powerful.

If there is an all-powerful God, He is clearly not compassionate.

If there is an attentive God, He plays favorites.

There is probably a God, but there’s no knowing Him and certainly no trusting Him.

excerpted from Beth Moore’s The Quest

We have all considered some of these. But where do we camp? Where do we reside? When we declare we have come to one final conclusion that cannot be challenged or pruned, we are tempted to dig a pit and stay in it, trapped by our own stubbornness. But when we ask God these tough questions, when we wrestle with him, we face and stay close to him. We talk to him instead of turning away.

If we’re making assumptions about him, shouldn’t we at least consider his perspective?

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