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A Friend’s Perspective

photo-1521799030593-f325bd2b36c2A good friend and her husband have faced a series of challenges the last several years and have had a challenging past couple weeks. She recently shared her thoughts in the middle of a perspective shift and gave me permission to share. No matter what you are going through, God can strengthen you with a slight shift in perspective.

I feel like some of my updates have been a little Debbie Downer, so I wanted to add some good things that have been happening.  

#1 good thing for today: After we spoke to the doctors today and got things sorted out, E had a good day…ate real food, pain very well controlled, took good naps and was generally really content (he is typically a good sport regardless but was extra chill today).

#2 good thing for today: I had delicious smoked gouda soup for lunch. Good soup takes me to my happy place, and it was a great respite from an emotional morning. Double bonus is that E couldn’t care less about soup, so going back to his room and raving about delicious soup doesn’t make him feel like he is missing out but just makes him happy that #1 caregiver got recharged.  

Lunch got even better with #3: I met sweet little Emma and her family, who were at the next table. Emma (whose Mom told me she was almost 2) was chillaxin in a little wagon with a pillow. She had a hospital bracelet on her ankle and a feeding tube down her nose. She was munching on chips and completely content to ignore her family (mom, dad and what appeared to be grandma and grandpa), I didn’t inquire of her story but it appeared she was let off floor to join the family for lunch in the cafeteria to see if she would be encouraged to get her appetite back. I smiled at her because she was super cute, and she looked right at me, paused eating chips, waved and said in a voice loud enough to get the family’s attention, “HI!” Her grandpa commented that she had been so quiet with them and was surprised she said hi to me.  I winked and smiled a few more times then went about eating my soup. A few minutes later, she started talking/babbling at me. She was obviously a sick little girl, but I told her family, who was baffled by her being so social, that I had a rough morning and she was obviously ministering to me with her cuteness.  Her mom chatted with me a bit, saying “Have you ever seen a little kid eat Salt ‘n Vinegar chips? She is just now getting her appetite back and they don’t have her diet restricted, so we aren’t taking them away. She also likes shrimp with cocktail sauce.” I replied that I had never met a two-year-old I had so much in common with and that Emma could invite me over for dinner anytime, as I love both those things. Anyway, Emma was my little gift from heaven today. Her Mom said they were hoping to go home soon, so if you are so inclined, say a prayer for Emma and her family.

#4 good thing for today continued the cuteness: A 35ish woman in the hall face-timing her little boy. They were both so excited that “Daddy gets to come home from the hostipitabull tomorrow.”  A nurse wheeling a patient by in a wheelchair overheard as well, and we agreed it was pretty much the cutest thing ever. I told the nurse, “If that doesn’t get you excited about your job, I don’t know what would!” 

The past week has been rough, but sometimes we all need perspective.  Unlike Emma, my husband can express what hurts and his needs.  Also, all I have to take care of is him; I can’t imagine how I would take care of a husband and have little ones at home.  

Thanks to everyone for the prayers, especially to whoever prayed for perspective. Good night.

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