My Life with God


photo-1520563866959-a06275270eb7I have seen what cowarding does to people.

Cowarding can seem to be passive, almost as if someone is a victim because of their circumstances. I’ve heard many excuses, and most of them have been sad rationalizations. But what is sad is the choice someone makes to give up strength, humility, courage, and honesty. When those things are given up, there is damage.

Cowarding wrecks a person. It masquerades the very things it gives away. It gives away strength, humility, courage, and honesty, yet cowarding backs away, leaving the appearance of those things as a shell, a false front that makes it look as if substance is there. In reality, there is just a set of motions.

Motions to justify there was only one choice, and it was the best choice, and everyone can learn to deal with the consequences. Motions to appear to take control when there has been no control at all. Motions to appear to only have positive influence instead of taking responsibility for negative influence. Motions to make what is not okay appear to be okay.

Cowarding is not facing our stuff.

We’ve all done it from time to time. Is it a chronic pattern, or is it a temporary slip? Are you willing to loop back and reconcile and restore, or are you stuck in the quagmire of pride justifying cowardice requires?

Be honest with where you are and what you’re doing today. It’s easier (and likely maintains your self-respect) to keep going in the same direction, but stubbornness can wreck your life.

You are braver than you think. And God shares his strength with you as you let him.

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