My Life with God

The Truth About Silence

photo-1512846009616-05efcf93a231My friend posted a quote on Facebook:

“Sometimes, not saying anything is the best answer. You see, silence can never be misquoted.”

Literally, I agree. I get the idea behind the statement, but the important word in the sentence is “sometimes.” Not saying something is sometimes a very wrong answer. Silence can convey approval when something needs to be confronted. Silence can withhold help when someone desperately needs it. Silence can distort truth and reality. Silence can keep secrets that need to be revealed. Silence can delay healing. Silence can harm the very people you love the most.

Silence can be a sign of respect and restraint. It can reflect love and compassion. But silence should never be a blanket. Silence and speaking must always be discerned, and each needs to be handled with humility and boldness.

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