My Life with God

Raise the Question

photo-1488324346298-5ad3d8f96d0dI told my mom about a house I looked at, and she asked a simple question: “Is there a dining room?”

My answer was, “No, but I can manage without one.”

Mom wasn’t asking because she thought I needed a dining room. She was asking a series of questions because she was curious. That’s all. And I answered honestly, but then I started thinking about it.

I don’t need a dining room, and very few houses, especially in my price range, are going to offer one. But I do enjoy eating around a table with my family and friends. I want to at least be able to extend a table, even if I have to keep it small most the time and it is a bit cramped when I extend it. I want the option, because sitting around the table and sharing a meal and life together is important to me. I have a gorgeous old dining room table now – the one I grew up eating around – but I would consider using it only as a small table and getting something a different shape if necessary. Because it’s not about the room or the table; it’s about the people and the experience and the memories.

So, for that and other reasons, that house wasn’t for me. And I’m so glad mom raised that simple question. It prompted me to process what is important to me.

People. People are important to me, and I want my home to welcome people.

It was a simple question yet important. She didn’t intend for it to be significant, but it was.

Take time today to listen to someone and respond with simple questions. Or if someone asks you questions, give them more than a quick answer. You never know when the simplest question is going to help someone.

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