Divorce, My Life with God

Don’t Run

photo-1489494098705-24dcbf192bd3There is a difference between leaving and running. Leaving takes conscious effort. It takes responsibility and choice. It is a turning and walking away from one thing and toward another.

Running involves not wanting to be close to a situation or person but also not having a plan or purpose of what’s next. Despite looking active, it is passive. It is uncertain and often desperate. It often involves disrespect, because it is only one person’s rationale.

Running away rarely can explain itself. Reasons are given, but those reasons usually skirt around the main issue. The person doing the running rarely knows the reasons for the running.

Leaving takes into account relationships and impact. It involves respect. It’s a process that invites personal interaction and accountability.

We all leave, and we all run away at different points in our lives. Sometimes we do so with healthy reasons, and other times, we have little idea of what’s happening, but we forge forward.

Are you running or leaving through the transitions of your life right now? Stop long enough to take a breath and assess the situation. You need to know which you are choosing, because it affects not only you but also many people around you.

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