My Life with God


20180915_135902I was out of town for four days. Which means, I was also out of a routine for four days.

On the two days in the middle with no travel, I fit in a workout. It was a small bit of my routine I could maintain despite everything else being a bit more go-with-the-flow. I wanted to maintain some discipline even when I was out of my routine.

Not all discipline has to go out the window when our routines change. We can so easily get off track because one thing – sometimes minor and sometimes major – changes. Sometimes discipline itself needs to change. But we can still maintain a bit of discipline even when it looks different. We can reapply discipline. We can relearn it. We can reframe and reapply it.

Discipline helps keep us in check, reminding us of our priorities and commitments. We will mess up. We will slack off. We can still get back on track. We can still grow. One decision at a time.

Do something out of discipline today, not just habit. Make a decision. Make an effort. Make a sacrifice.

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