My Life with God


photo-1518568071681-a4efdb560520My sister and I went ATVing in the desert. It was dusty.


We were prepared to get dirty. We weren’t surprised by the amount of dust…until we reach the flats.

The sand and dirt is packed tightly, creating one of the few places we didn’t have to worry about obstacles or dips causing us to tip or run off a trail. The lead ATV and the two behind them took off. We were in the back, and I started to speed up quickly, but I soon hit a blinding wall of thick dust.

I was sure the others were far ahead already, but I could see nothing through the dust, so I slowed down and hung back until it began to settle a bit. Once I had more visibility, I took off and enjoyed seeing how fast I could (comfortably) go.

Visibility matters.

I knew there were no turns on the flats. I knew I was only driving a straight line all the way across. I had glimpsed the lay of the land. But no amount of information I gathered ahead of time solved my temporary visibility issue. I needed to be able to see, and the only way to do that was to slow down and let the dust settle a bit. I didn’t have to stop altogether. I still made progress. I just needed to take a pace conducive in the circumstance.

We all run into limited visibility at some point every day. Sometimes it is a physical visibility issue, but more often, it’s relationship, emotional, or spiritual visibility issues. We need to slow down, continuing to creep forward yet keep some momentum. We need to proceed with caution. We’ll be able to speed up again. We’ll be able to see well again. But we need to heed the warning signs in the meantime.

Be attentive and keep your eyes open today.

Remember, visibility matters.

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