My Life with God

Grumpy People

photo-1516248282510-3a829f0686d8There were some grumpy travelers at the airport.

I tried to self check-in, but my flight was more than four hours away. I’d have to wait a few minutes. My sister’s flight left earlier than mine, so she made her way to security in case she experienced a delay.

When I tried to check in again, only my boarding pass printed. I still needed a bag tag. The self-check screen directed me to customer service, so I headed that way. It was two crooked, confusing lines leading up to two agents. There was a third agent nearby under the sign “handicap wheelchairs.” But no one was in her line. Anyone needing a wheelchair was lined up to speak to the two customer service agents.

There were only about a dozen of us in the lines, and I was in no hurry, but I could tell several of the people had already misplaced their patience. Another agent came by and asked what we all needed – I think just to make sure we were in the correct line – and she was blasted with stories of how wrong it was to make people wait, etc. The agent calmly let everyone know they could also go to another area, where there were more agents, but one customer spoke up. He’d already tried that and saw long lines. Everyone stayed put.

Another agent came by and, again, asked why we were in line. Poor unsuspecting woman. She got an ear full of complaints.

Breathe, everyone. Just breathe.

I made it through the line. I hope everyone else did, too. I tried to encourage the customer service agent when it was my turn. She said, “Oh, I don’t let it bother me. Life is too short.”

Good attitude to have, especially with all the frustrations and issues she likely faces every day.

I proceeded to security. There was a long line, but it moved along nicely. Yet I heard people’s complaints and their “How dare they treat us this way when we’ve spent money to keep them employed?”

Breathe, everyone. Just breathe.

We’ll all get through the line. We’ll eventually get to where we’re going. It’s not worth the stress you’re experiencing and spewing on everyone else.

Sure enough, the line progressed, and people made it through security. Shocking.

I know there have been many situations in which I have not been patient or handled frustrations well. I’m learning. It helps to remind myself to breathe.

Whatever you face today, no matter how frustrated or overwhelmed you get, breathe. Hit the reset button and keep your perspective in check. The process and how you handle it is likely much more important than the end result.

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