My Life with God

The Bigness

20180916_090456My sister and I drove across Hoover Dam. It might seem like an understatement, but…

It is big.

Massive, really.

Quite astounding.

After we drove across it, I wanted to walk across it. I took off walking with the agreement that my sister would pick me up on the other side. I wanted a different perspective, especially a photo opportunity of the bridge high overhead.

I started thinking about what one of my favorite people texted me when she heard I would see Hoover Dam: “If man can do that, just imagine what God can do.”


I stood on the bridge and marveled at the engineering. I looked to either side of it and marveled at God’s creation. Such beauty – both massive and detailed.

I don’t understand every detail of that enormous dam, but someone did and does. It is within the grasp of man’s mind. I don’t understand every detail of God’s creation, but neither does anyone else. Oh, we certainly understand pieces of it. But God understands it all, whether we give him credit for creation or not. Whether we put his ways in competition with science or in complementary cooperation with it.

I snapped a few photos for memory’s sake, but I savored in God’s presence for worship’s sake.

He is good and great indeed.

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