Divorce, My Life with God

Looping Back

photo-1526566661780-1a67ea3c863e“I was in a bad place in my marriage and in my life, but I am sorry. I shouldn’t have complicated yours.”

I was watching a movie, and the statement caught my attention. Of course, it wasn’t real life, but it reminded me of the honesty people can have with themselves and others. At least this character (or the writers of the movie) acknowledged the impact one person’s choices can have on others. Just because we’re struggling doesn’t mean we have to suck people in. Yes, we do life with others, but how we do life with others matters.

We all know the saying “hurt people hurt people.” But what do we do once we realize we’ve hurt people? Do we rationalize our impact on others and chalk it up to “I did the best I could and everyone will just have to deal with it”? or do we reflect and say, “Wow, that is not what I intended. I need to loop back and repair some things.”

What we do in the moment impacts others. How we continue to reflect on and move on from those hurtful moments matters, too. Perhaps even more. We don’t have to get stuck in the past, but sometimes we need to loop back into the past in order to heal, pick up pieces, and help others, so we can all move forward in healthier ways.


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