My Life with God

I’m Old

photo-1454875392665-2ac2c85e8d3eWhen someone says, “I’m old,” they sometimes want attention. Other times, they’re poking fun at themselves, or sometimes they want attention. Sometimes they’re complaining, but many times, they are trying to say, “I am changing. I can’t do what I once could. It frustrates me. I don’t want you to treat me differently, but I need you to please recognize my changing limitations and help with while respecting my need to do as much as I can. Continue to love me. Help me live differently but fully, because I am still capable of a lot.”

We grow in many ways. Sure, we grow old, but we also grow into more. We have new challenges, and we can meet them with creativity and humility. We release some things but grasp others. We change. We embrace. We accept. We live.

Let God continue to sift and prune you. Invite him to mold you. Give yourself patience. Give others patience, respect, and mercy.

Help someone today. Listen. Respond. Serve.

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