My Life with God

No Line

photo-1535899920994-af88764bcc94When my mom and I arrived at the airport, there was no one in line.

No one.

I had never seen such a thing. I hadn’t even taken out our boarding passes, because I thought I’d have time as we stood in line. We weren’t checking bags, so we could go straight to security. We meandered through the empty maze of waiting area.

As we went through security, I noticed a few more people lining up. After we grabbed a bite to eat, I glanced to see a longer line on the other side of security. I suppose we simply arrived at the one slow time. I continued to marvel at the phenomenon I’d never experienced.

No one in line.

I like the process of the airport experience, so standing in line doesn’t bother me much. But not standing in line was refreshing, too. Sure, we had a bit more time to sit and wait but that was okay. It was simply a different perspective and experience.

Sometimes our expectations are not met. Sometimes they’re exceeded, and something they fall short. Sometimes we stand in line with others; other times, we’re a bit more isolated and on our own. Either way, we can move forward into adventures. We can appreciate delays and fast-tracks. We can savor the process, because every experience – no matter how different it is from our expectations – brings an opportunity to consider a different perspective.

Look at something you experience today with a new perspective. Learn something. Be grateful. Live well.

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