My Life with God

Juxtaposition of Disaster


It was odd to me. As I walked through the 911 Memorial, I saw twisted beams of the building, where an airplane impacted. I was reminded of how quickly the massive buildings collapsed. yet I also saw seatbelts from those airplanes-turned-missiles. How can a strap of nylon survive what a building could not? It seemed ironic to me.

There are so many things about disasters and evil that don’t make sense to me.

Some things make more sense with more understanding, but there are aspects that just don’t make sense no matter how much we know. We can put just enough pieces of information together to make ourselves believe we understand without actually understanding. That’s what not having all the pieces does to us. Sometimes we refuse to see some of the pieces. Other times, we’re simply not capable of gathering or accurately interpreting the pieces.

I walked through the 911 Memorial with sadness, healing, compassion, respect, and an odd combination of clarity and cloudiness.

I realized disaster does not have to be as costly as 911 to experience the juxtaposition of clarity and cloudiness. Anytime we encounter trauma or evil, we experience the pull between the two. We ping pong back and forth and feel the corresponding bruises.
And we proceed to heal. It is often a slow heal, and we are never quite the same. And that might be a good thing. We need to allow ourselves to be changed.

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