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Just a Seed

photo-1547193745-d1e9a5d68f94I realize not everyone believes Satan is real. Not everyone believes God is real.

We each make that choice. I know each is real, and I only place my trust in God. I know only he has true power. But Satan sure stirs up a lot. I have looked into the eyes of someone I loved, someone who loved God, but the light and hope that was once in his eyes was replaced with a hollow void that sent shudders through my soul. I’ve listened to people declare their passion for God yet rationalize areas of their lives that are boldly living contrarily and condemning others for similar behavior. I have stood in a house consumed with a darkness—not physically but spiritually. It was chilling.

God and Satan are not equal. It’s not as if we can say good and evil have equal power and influence; it depends on which we give more attention to. Good and evil don’t exist in a vacuum. What some people claim is a simple play between good and evil is spiritual warfare. God wins in the end. But throughout the process, there are a lot of losses, not because God isn’t powerful enough, but because we get twisted around and choose deception, complacency, chronic doubt, misbelief.

Satan’s influences are far-reaching. They are sometimes so frightening, there is no way to deny them. There are even more times they are much more subtle and palatable. Both are dangerous and devastating.


Unless we know God well enough to identify what is not consistent with him, what is contrary to him, what is spiritually unhealthy and potentially soul-crushing. Unless we are humble enough—no matter how faithful we believe we are—to know our weaknesses and our need for God’s strength and wisdom.

A small seed in a tiny fissure of rock or home foundation can create devastation. So can Satan.

Pay attention.

2 thoughts on “Just a Seed”

  1. Susan, I have all of your publications and you have been like a companion to me for all these years. Your keenness for life as it really is and your unique ability to make it clear have blessed me so often during hard times. Your admonition to pay attention is needed from every Christian leader in America today because so many don’t know their responsibility to discern what they are giving their mind, heart and money to in the name of Jesus. Thank you.

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