My Life with God

VIP Treatment


My nephew gave the VIP treatment to my mom and me. We visited him in Brooklyn. The park where he works is huge. It would have been way too much to cover by foot, not to mention a bit uncomfortable on the windy day. So, he secured a spacious golf cart and escorted us around with commentary on all the details.

It was a gorgeous day. I saw a perspective I never thought I’d see of a metro area I love. In previous visits, I had spent more time in Manhattan than Brooklyn, and it was great to widen my horizons. The organization and creativity of the massive green space impressed me. Seeing so many people enjoy a wide variety of activities and spaces on a beautiful fall day made me sigh in appreciation – for what my nephew does and for all the people who make an intentional effort to help people enjoy life in the neighborhoods in which they live.

I felt as if I was getting a VIP treatment, but the real winners are the people who were enjoying the park. The biggest treat was to see their appreciation of the park.
So many people in our lives help us enjoy our lives more deeply.

Thank you.

Let’s each commit to inviting others to enjoy life more deeply – whatever the possibilities might be in the communities in which we live.

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