My Life with God

Stop Growing

photo-1503919545889-aef636e10ad4Several friends have recently posted photos of their kids on social media with a mention of something along the lines as “please stop growing.” I get it. They want to freeze some moments in time, but in reality, if their kids stopped growing, that would cause even more concern and heartache than the bittersweetness of watching them grow up.

Stop growing? Never.

Watching people grow can be sad in some ways because it involves transitions. Many of those transitions are good if we’re growing in healthy ways, but even when growth is good, it often isn’t easy. Life changes. People change.

God is never content to keep us where we are. He knows there is more that is possible. He knows we have continual potential to grow. To get stuck in a particular place or phase – even if we find it enjoyable – isn’t okay. He wants more for and from us. Of course, he wants to celebrate where we’ve been, but celebrating to camp under and find contentment versus celebrating to appreciate a moment as we keep it in the context of moving on are two different approaches.

Are you growing?

Are you growing well?

Savor moments. Make memories. But keep growing.

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