My Life with God

God Space

photo-1515256905698-6cdf82642d06The space we give God is often uncomfortable. It’s sacrificial. It’s unsettling yet soothing.

We don’t create a lot of space in our lives. We fill our hands, minds, and time with technology we have at our fingertips, to do lists to accomplish what we’ve determined to be essential – or at least important, and entertainment that we assess as deserved. We make connections with others, but sometimes those connections feel more distant than we’d like. Sometimes we feel a burden of connecting with others while we wish we had chosen to do something else. Our obligations extend beyond people to what we believe God would want us to do, including who we’re supposed to connect with and what we’re supposed to say to them to help, encourage, or challenge.

But even when we’re trying to honor God with our time and efforts, we tend to carve out little space for him. We feel as if we get an assignment, add it to our schedule, then check it off our list – when in reality, the task itself is rarely his point. He wants us to lean into him through the process. He wants us to yield space for him, give him our humility and authenticity, trust him even in the uncertainty.

He doesn’t want us to simply make contact with someone; he wants us to trust him for what to say, how to listen, what to give, and how to respond. He doesn’t want us to figure out the best way to handle a problem; he wants us to trust him with the next step even if we don’t see the resolution. He does’t want us to declare his name or mention him; he wants us to invite him to fill every crevice of our lives so he seeps through everything we do, say, and think.

Space can be uncomfortable. Whether it’s in a conversation or within our own thoughts, we can squirm a bit and try to fill the space to make ourselves and others more comfortable. But God is okay with space. He’ll patiently wait for us to yield it to him, then he’ll fill it in his own time. And he always fills it well.

When we create space for God, we give him our humble trust. We lean into him, knowing he gives us the core strength and wisdom to take the next step.

Creating God space isn’t a one time decision; it’s one that can be made a hundred times a day. Sometimes it’s a big space and sometimes it’s tiny. It all matters.

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