My Life with God

Baking Time

photo-1513544705284-99373737fab6I put supper in the oven. It was a dish I’d fixed many times, and it usually took about an hour to bake. I thought it might take a little longer this time because I had increased the amounts a bit. I fix supper once a week for my youngest daughter and her husband. It helps them on the busiest night of their week, and it helps me by letting me do something I enjoy doing but won’t do much for just myself. I get cooking therapy and a good meal out of the arrangement.

When my daughter stopped by to pick up the meal, the desserts were done, but the main dish and sides were taking longer than expected. I thought it would take about 15 more minutes, so she stayed and chatted. I had something large for them to take home, too, so her husband stopped by yet another 15 minutes later. Supper still was not done. We decided I’d continue to let it bake, and they’d pick it up the following night. At least, they had desserts!

My house smelled delicious with the longer bake time. I waited until everything was done, then let it cool before packing it up for the next night’s pick up.

As I packed it up, I thought about how often I’ve had to wait longer than expected for something in the past couple years. I’m sure waiting goes much farther back than that. Perhaps the past couple years are simply fresher in my mind, or perhaps it’s because so many things have been delayed by what I experienced as unnecessary or frustrating circumstances. I have tried to trust God’s timing through each phase and situation, but it’s been challenging. I’ve drawn closer to him through the process, and in some of the situations, I’ve been able to glimpse purpose in the wait.

Instead of trying to rush the process, when we’re being responsible in our own response, we need to let God work in his timing. And trust him. It’s not just about the outcome of the process; it’s about how we respond through it. Do we try to take control or do we acknowledge God’s ability and promises to work in our lives?

This is a busy time of the year, and perhaps you feel rushed at times, as if baking times have been shortened and you’re surprised instead of having enough wait time. Either way, take responsibility for what you’re doing, the schedules you’re setting, the expectations you have, but let God do what he does best. Instead of running to him to fix things, speed things up, or slow things down, run to him to get to know him and trust him grow you through the process.

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