My Life with God

Questions of Science and Faith

We think of science as being so certain, but that sells it short.

Science is good when it comes out of and continues into the questions of the best minds. It can get misguided by some of those same minds. In some ways, it’s not unlike faith in that sense. With science, some of the sureties will last throughout our lifetimes and beyond. But science can also improve over time and we have to allow that space for it. It’s important to take the results of research and studies and continue to research and study. Because we get generalized knowledge but, especially in relatively unexplored or new areas, what we seem certain about adjusts as we go deeper, as more people explore it, and as we observe it in real life.

We don’t question everything but we don’t accept everything either. Without continual questioning, we don’t go deeper or farther. We get stuck. And while we might be okay with that because of what we want to believe, we aren’t okay with others do the same about things we don’t believe. We trust what we want to trust and tear apart what we don’t.

Let’s be wiser. Explore and engage well.

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