My Life with God

“She Was So…”

photo-1528522157586-1de75bf0c936What will people say about you when you’re gone? Maybe it’s after your life here on earth, or perhaps it’s after you’ve transitioned to a new job, community, or relationship. Not that what people say about you should drive what you do, but it’s definitely a filter worth using from time to time.

Perhaps you can start by answering a similar question: “What you want people to remember about you?”

The answer to that question says a lot about your values and priorities.

The truth is different people will remember and retell different things, depending on when you knew them or what you let them see. Sometimes misunderstandings and miscommunications get in the way of an accurate memory. We can’t control what everyone remembers about us, but what we prioritize creates a pattern. Our best intentions or wishful thinking isn’t what matters as we do life; how we actually do life matters.

Perhaps we put our best foot forward with some people, and we tout that image as what everyone should acknowledge and accept as the true us. But what we do in other areas of our lives reveals other aspects.

Who are you, really? Who are you becoming, really? What is important to you, really?

Of course, we’ll all in process, and we have contradictions and hypocrisy in our lives, but what we do with that – whether or not we are looking for those gaps and growing through them – matters. What other people perceive isn’t our measuring stick and motivation, but it should certainly be a filter with which we cross-check what messages our lives are sending.

Seek truth with humility. Be willing to change.

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