Family, My Life with God

A Transparent Mind

photo-1520532622976-1bdf3b7a5af9After a brisk 15k walk on a chilly but sunny December morning, I went to brunch with my oldest daughter and her husband. It was delicious – definitely worth the wait – but my favorite part was the conversation. We joked around with each other and pulled the server into it a couple times. He came by toward the end to ask if we wanted take-home boxes and drinks. I paused when he asked if I wanted a tea to go, then I declined. He walked away from our table, and I explained my reasoning, “I’ll probably stop by QT for a big drink to take home.”

“Yes, mom, I could see what you were thinking,” my daughter responded.

Apparently, I am a bit predictable. But more than that, it was the thinking process that gave me away. I paused, and my daughter knew I was thinking through my options before responding. It was as if my head was transparent, and she could see what was going on inside.

That’s okay with me. Not that someone knowing I planned to pick up a fountain drink is important in any way, but being transparent and being known is extremely important to me. We can sometimes be scared of being known, or we can be irritated that we are not known. But let’s remember that being known is a process. It requires our transparency, humility, and honesty. It requires us to engage with others, even when we have to muddle through some conversations and situations that are a bit uncomfortable for us. It means setting aside our own selves to know others. It involves setting aside defense mechanisms in order to reflect on the truth of who we are and how we should respond.
It’s a process, and you will face many opportunities to be transparent today. Make an effort to become more transparent with your mind, your heart, and your entire life.

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