My Life with God


photo-1506917629166-2a1e0e2c78aaI walked into work and someone asked, “Why do you look so nice? You have on makeup and did your hair!”

So, I’m pretty sure I wear makeup and fix my hair every day. But she was right. I had put forth a bit of extra effort, because I had a photography appointment over lunch. I needed a new headshot.

I’ve used a couple different headshots the past several-ish years for speaking engagements and book covers. With a book coming out this year, not having taken a new headshot for awhile, I thought it was time.

When I walked into the studio, my photographer friend was on the phone, so I meandered around. She was already set up for my shoot, but I really preferred the tiny overstuffed pink chair intended for kids’ photos. I might have fit in it, but I likely would never get out of it!

When it was time, I sat where Lori said and looked where Lori said, and she snapped one photo, looked at it, and loved it. I didn’t look at it. I trusted her and knew I’d be too picky, but I was sure “love” was a stronger word than I would ever use to describe a photo of myself. She had me shift, took another, and was happy again. I only needed one option, but she took five, “loved” them all, and we decided that was enough.

No pink chair option, but I got what I needed, and I trusted Lori got what she wanted. She knows what she’s doing, and I trust her, not just as a photographer but as a person.
I forgot to mention I asked her if she could take the photo sometime several months ago, and she told me to just stop by when she was in the studio and she’d fit me in. I didn’t follow up, so she called me to make sure I got it done.

Not only was she willing to do it, but she sort of forced me to do it. But that’s okay, because I needed it done soon.

So, now I’ll have a fresh headshot. That feels good. I’m moving forward with some freshness. A little older, a little wiser, but still trying to share life well with others, whether it’s face to face in a photography studio or across some miles through pages of a book or a screen of my blog.

Take a snapshot of your day. Mark it. It’s part of your journey.

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