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Make the Bed

photo-1545552663-0eb050bb04c3Why make the bed when I’m just going to sleep in it the next night?

Without getting into a household debate that is likely only rivaled by the toilet-paper-roll-under-or-over or squeeze-the-toothpaste-from-the-end-or-the-middle debates, let me start by saying, “Yes,” I believe the bed should be made every day, and, “No,” I don’t think you’re a slob if you don’t. I could state multiple reasons for making the bed, but arguing the point isn’t the point I want to make today. I’m going to focus more on the how than the why of bed-making.

Here are some basic bed-making tips.

  • Simplify the bedding. The more layers you have, the more will need to be straightened. That includes throw pillows.
  • Freshen your pillows. Depending on the type of pillows you have, you can fluff them in the dryer, air them outside on warm days, or spritz them with non-allergenic freshening spray.
  • Use hospital corners. It’s a simple technique for tucking in the corners so they’re stay better. Even if you tear the covers lose at night, tucking the corners tightly in the morning will insure sheets remain straight over multiple nights.

So, what on earth does making a bed have to do with your everyday faith?

  • Simplify. The more stuff you have to deal with on a daily basis, the more distracted you’ll be. Keep God in the center of everything, and let him decide what stays and what goes.
  • Refresh your faith. Routines can certainly keep us on track, but they can also foster a stale environment. Invite God’s refreshment daily. A growing faith with him will never grow stale.
  • Secure the corners. Keep the details of your life straight by regularly securing the foundation. Jesus is the cornerstone that keeps everything else in your life in place. (Acts 4:11)

From now on, when you make your bed, intentionally commit your everyday to God.

2 thoughts on “Make the Bed”

  1. This will probably make you giggle. With working 12 hour shifts and going in earlier on those days than my husband does, I usually try to “make” my side of the bed as well as possible unless he is rolled over into the blankets on my side like a cocoon. Luckily I am blessed with a man who does not mind making the bed. (I have heard many women say their husbands do not EVER make the bed.)
    Then there are the days when he goes to work and I sleep in. My turn to make the whole thing. (And those are the days I take the opportunity to strip it and wash the sheets!)
    But I love the analogy you make with our faith. We truly do need to develop strong daily habits in our spiritual walk. I still working on this process…one would think I would have it down pat by now.

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