My Life with God

Letting Others Down

photo-1444708734384-5b36da8d687aA man stood in front of the church and admitted to letting people down. I knew a snippet of the details yet also knew no one truly knew how he felt or the totality of what he was wrestling with in his own mind and heart. He shared about forgiveness, as well as his thankfulness for his friends.

He was humble. And he used his humility to encourage others to be honest and to trust God. He didn’t just admit to letting people down. He reminded us all that we do the same. Because of his humility, we were all reminded of our humanity and the importance to recognize and admit the truth.

We can try to rationalize our behavior, pointing to others to deflect responsibility or sifting through the details to represent the version most palatable to us. But if we want to move onward with authenticity, if we want to grow both personally and relationally, if we care about life beyond ourselves, we will choose truth. Sometimes that means private truth checks with others; sometimes it means public apologies. It always includes humility.

Today is the day. It might be something small or something huge. You might feel defensive, scared, uncertain, or ready. Step into humility and lead with truth. All the pieces might not fall into place right away, but you’ll find forgiveness from at least some others and definitely from God.

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