My Life with God

And The Rain, Rain, Rain

photo-1477511350923-3986459bdee1I’m a lifetime Pooh-Bear fan. So, when it rains for an extended time, I often sing the song The Rain, Rain, Rain to myself.

Recently, I sang it off and on all day. The rain had nowhere to go once it hit the ground. We had recently had a lot of snow, and it was packed down and piled up, blocking most the normal drainage routes. I watched the rain cover the roads. Mini lakes appeared where a small puddle had started.

And I thought about my tears that sometimes feel like that rain. The tears, tears, tears. With nowhere to go but down. Sometimes they simply leak out of my eyes and fall even when there’s nothing specific bothering me. But it’s okay. A few tears here and there seem to remind me of healing.

Other things can rain down and flood our emotional and spiritual roadways. Anger. Bitterness. Resentment. Jealousy. Feelings and attitudes that, if not dealt with and drained from our lives on a regular basis, cause all sorts of flooding that drench us and create roadblocks for others.

Consider what’s coming down, down, down in your life. What’s consuming you? How are you dealing with it? You might not be able to forecast your life with specific details, but there are definitely some warning signs of storms brewing at times. Pay attention.

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