My Life with God

Audacious Authenticity

2019-02-19 08.24.22To live authentically.  It’s a life goal of mine. I’ve pursued authenticity with determination off and on throughout my life, but the last fifteen years have included an intentional, relentless pursuit into authenticity. I want to live no other way.

When I opened my sea salt caramel Dove dark chocolate, I paused before flippantly throwing aside my wrapper. The inside rarely provides much motivation to me. But this one put an exclamation point on my daily pursuit. I straightened it, being careful not to tear it, then tacked it on my wall, where I’ll often see it.

The more authentic I’ve become through the years, the more truth has invaded my thoughts and attitudes. Authenticity is less about what others see and more about what is going on inside of me. My pursuit of God sifts through what I need to keep and what needs to go. It makes who I am more transparent, so people see who I truly am, including weaknesses and struggles. I find more peace and patience with situations and relationships, because my perspective is wider with God constantly pushing the boundaries I’d set for my own vantage point. And sometimes, he tightens my perspective for focus.

My goal is to have an audacious authenticity, not based on what I want to be but who God wants me to become. My authenticity is less about being a better me and more about me becoming more like him. It’s less about me helping others and more about trusting him to help people whether I’m involved or not.

Audacious authenticity is an oddly humble pursuit, because it really has little to do with me at all. Except the yielding part. And that’s tough at times. But the relentless pursuit is more energizing than tiresome.

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