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A Title or Relationship

photo-1511344506912-a2a2d4916354“You don’t look like a grandma.”

What exactly does a grandma look like?

It’s funny the comments I’ve heard since becoming a grandma.

“So, what is she going to call you? Because some people don’t want to be called Grandma.”

Sure, I know some people prefer an alternate name or need an different name to avoid confusion among family members, but I can’t imagine minding being called Grandma. I certainly never minded being called Mom!

It’s funny how we presume certain characteristics that come along with different roles in life. And mainly, those presumptions come from our own experiences. We either respect and admire the people we’ve seen in a role and try to learn from their example, or we see what we don’t want to become in others…and learn from their example. Most of the time, it’s a combination of the two.

The women who have been (and still are) role models for me have taught me a lot. I won’t be exactly like any of them. But I have a lot in common with them. I’ve learned some practical skills, and I’ve learned from some of their mistakes. As much as I’ve learned, I’ll still make many mistakes of my own, no matter how old I become. That’s okay. Because I’ve also learned about humility and authenticity. And if I can be a humble, authentic grandma, I’ll be passing along some important stuff. No matter what kinds of things my granddaughter and I do together, I hope she can catch glimpses of my faith and know she can always explore, ask questions, and grow.

The title of Grandma doesn’t presume much. Just being related doesn’t build a relationship. That requires humility and authenticity, and I’m ready to share.

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