My Life with God

A Good Journey

photo-1451471016731-e963a8588be8My friend’s husband recently died.

He was young. He made me laugh. He made my friend laugh. They enjoyed life together.

We didn’t know each other well, but my friend and I had connected on a trip, then stayed in touch. We have a lot in common, and I was so glad to get to spend time with her and her husband a couple times in the last couple years.

When I learned he had died, I immediately knew I should go to the visitation. It would be a long drive and especially difficult with the deadlines looming at work, but if I could make the trip, I would. The weather was nice for travel that day, I went to work early, and I was able to slip away by mid-afternoon.

The drive was such a blessing to me. I sang and prayed and looked around. I appreciated life. I enjoyed the journey.

And I got to hug my friend. I got to see her and know she is doing okay. Not surprisingly, she made me smile and laugh. I went to comfort her, and she comforted me.

That’s good friendship.

I got back on the road right away and savored the trip home.

Life is hard. It goes by quickly. How we journey through it matters. Take the trip. Hug a friend. Look around and sing. Take new paths and reconnect on the well-known ones. People matter. Let them know.

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