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Get Up

photo-1422190441165-ec2956dc9eccI went for a long walk in the park a few days ago. It was the first time I’d worked out in over two weeks because of a lingering cough and busy work schedule. I thought about relaxing on the couch as the afternoon passed, but I knew I needed to restart my routine. It was chilly but sunny, and I had a block of time. Pretty much perfect conditions.

Once I got moving, it wasn’t as challenging as I thought it might be. It felt good to push my legs and breathe fresh air. I ran into a friend and joined her for part of the walk. I pushed through ten miles and felt good about it.

It doesn’t seem to take nearly as long to get out of healthy habits as it takes to create them. Sometimes it’s easier to avoid what we know will make us feel better in the long run or what is better for a relationship. Once we get used to the “maybe tomorrow” mentality, it’s hard to take action today.

But today might be the best time for you to stand up and take action. Reconnect with someone. Say no to something. Say yes to something. Apologize. Forgive. Give generously. Purge the baggage you’re storing or carrying.

It might take some effort, and you might end up a bit exhausted, but it might be just what your muscles, mind, and heart need today.

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