My Life with God

The ABCs

photo-1503676260728-1c00da094a0bA baby shower morphed into a meet-the-baby party after two date delays due to winter weather. It was a fun day, perhaps better this time around because several people who hadn’t yet met my granddaughter got a few snuggles.

It was a casual gathering with just the right mix of a little structure and lots of time to chat or snack or draw.

Yes, draw.

The hosts, my oldest daughter and sister, had 26 pages, each with a letter of the alphabet. The instructions were to draw something that starts with that letter.

A is for apple.

B is for bee.

C is for cat.

Some of us challenged artistic types go a bit sassy.

N is for nothing. (blank page)

Y is for yellow. (yellow scribble)

Others were very creative, either with the word choice or the illustration.

G is for Great-Grandma.

When everyone was done, pages were placed in album sleeves and bound into a book.

A dozen people combined their various skills to complete a keepsake. Not all the people see each other often or know each other well, but they had a common focus.

Isn’t that how community works at its best? We walk alongside each other, even if for only a brief time, to encourage or help someone. We each give a little, and often provide the ABCs of what’s needed.

Offer a couple letters to others today with your generosity, creativity, and selflessness.

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