My Life with God

The Shock of Winning

photo-1475721027785-f74eccf877e2My nephew’s acapella group advanced to a competition close to me. So several in the family planned to go. What a treat! The ten groups (and one featured local group) were all excellent. Their talent and energy were inspiring. Because I knew I’d get home late, I considered skipping out before it was over, but it was too good to leave.

The awards presentation began. I thought my nephew’s group would be in the top three. Only the winner advanced to the international competition in NYC. Some special awards were given, then 3rd, then 2nd. I thought my nephew’s group had been shut out.

Then, the winner was announced, and they won! They looked shocked, as if they had resolved a shut out, too. Someone on the other side of the auditorium caught their reaction and celebration on video. They were definitely surprised.

Sometimes, even when we’ve practiced and committed to something and have some confidence in our ability and growth, we are surprised by the outcome. We might be disappointed or elated. Either can surprise us. When we have reason to celebrate, when we don’t expect it, we are hit by waves: Is this happening? This is the best thing ever! Wait, but this also means…

We slowly realize winning comes with new opportunities that require new commitments and responsibilities. We have new challenges to solve. And we get to choose appreciation and humility or pride and haughtiness. Our response ripples onto others – good and bad.

Sedoctave is now working hard to prepare for their next competition and figuring out how to get everyone to NYC in a couple weeks while also wrapping up the semester at college, including finals. They are supporting each other along the way.

It is good to share life with others.

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