My Life with God

Ticket to Trash

photo-1528190336454-13cd56b45b5aMy community has a trash disposal option of taking our own trash to the supervised dumpster location. A ticket to dispose of a bag of trash costs one dollar. It saves me money, and I don’t mind the little bit of effort. Plus, I get to interact with a couple people I would probably not ever see or know otherwise.

Because I live by myself, I don’t need to take trash often. When I do, I typically plan to stop by on my way to work. I bag the trash the night before, then put the trash ticket by my keys as a reminder for the morning.

On a recent Friday morning, I picked up the trash ticket as I left my house, fed my pup., got into my vehicle…and nearly left the driveway before remembering to load my bag of trash.

That would have been a bit awkward to show up with a ticket bu no trash.

But don’t we often do something similar in our lives? We go through the process of gathering our baggage, sorting what to keep and what needs to go. Then we leave it in the bag.

We let it sit.

The hard work of sorting is done. but the junk of life still sits there, taking up emotional space and permeating our space with a worsening stench. We might get used to it, overlook it, and nearly forget it. But it needs to go.

Be intentional and follow through with your baggage. Load some up today and get it out of your life.

Choose well.

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