My Life with God

In Spite Of Surroundings

photo-1544148103-0773bf10d330I met a friend for dinner after work. With work being in the middle of a particularly busy season, I’d been intentional about some meals and walks with friends and family. Sometimes when we are the busiest, we particularly appreciate and benefit from time set aside.

As my friend and I began to catch up, I realized her life was much busier and stressful than mine, especially that particular week. We settled into sharing life, and it was a sweet evening.

Except the service was…lacking. We didn’t mind getting minimal attention, because we wanted to chat, but there seemed to be a disinterest among the servers from the very beginning. A couple times, interactions teetered on rudeness. But my friend and I just brushed it off and didn’t let it ruin our night. We pretty much shut down the restaurant., even though it felt as if the evening flew by.

Could we have spent our evenings reducing our full to-do lists? Of course. But I think our time together was much more productive. No matter what was happening around us, even with poor service, we savored the time together.

Your surroundings don’t determine your experience.

Focus on a relationship today no matter what is happening around you.

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