My Life with God

Creative Parking


Our writing retreat group knew the forecast for the week included severe storms. As the midweek approached, weather alerts let us know heavy rains, hail, and tornadoes were approaching our area. We had an interior room in the basement for our safety but also considered our cars. With a 2.5 car garage, two cars were parked outside.

We decided to fix that by creatively parking all four cars in the limited space. We made it work without dinging any of the cars or garage walls. Of course, we’d have to leave in a specific order.

We helped direct each other as we maneuvered each of the three parallel vehicles back and forth to fit well. The fourth and final vehicle easily pulled in straight with lots of room to spare.

Creativity and teamwork were the key.

We would have survived if a couple cars had been left outside and damaged. They’re just vehicles. But it’s reassuring to be with a group of people willing to pitch in and consider the possibilities when a problem needs to be solved.

Approach a problem today with creativity and teamwork.


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