My Life with God

Hard Work of Hills


When on my writing retreat, I rarely have level ground for daily walks. Our retreat group has stayed in a variety of homes in the Branson area, and while the hills aren’t very high, the up and down of them seems constant. We stayed in a home for the first time this year, and I wasn’t sure of the walk feasibility, so I found a 24-hour gym as a commitment to my daily walk. However, one day was simply too beautiful to stay inside, especially since it was supposed to rain the remainder of the week.

Even though it felt as our house was isolated, we weren’t very far from a main road where I knew there was a sidewalk. So, I ventured out. I decided to start in the direction which would take me uphill. It was challenging but a good start to the workout. I knew once I got to the main road, I had gradual ups and downs. I walked for about 45 minutes, then turned around to return.

As I turned off the main road to walk through a neighborhood toward our house, I immediately reflected on how grateful I was to have a downhill stretch right at the end of my walk. Ending with a steep incline at the end of a warm day walk would have been much more challenging.

I coasted toward the house. I considered how doing some of the tough work on the front end of something often allows some coasting later on. It’s not always the case; sometimes a process is difficult from start to finish. But I recalled several recent situations or relationships in which I’d given a lot of attention and effort then was able to enjoy the benefits.

I am thankful for the blessings of effort and commitment.

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