My Life with God

Dim Lighting

photo-1492539161849-b2b18e79c85fEach year, as our writing retreat group begins to plan the following year’s trip, we submit our room preferences. Most bedrooms have their own bathrooms. Some are ground floor. Some have carpet, and others have hardwood. Some have a bonus feature, such as, access to a porch, close kitchen access, or various shower and tub set-ups.

I’m rarely picky.

I give my preference, but if I need to take a different room, I’m okay with it. I simply want space to retreat, write, reflect, study, and rest. I pack lightly and sometimes don’t even use the small folding table and chair I take with me. As long as the bed is comfortable, I get a lot of work done with my back supported by a bunch of pillows and my feet and legs warmed under a blanket.

For the first several days, I turned on a couple lamps and let natural light come in through the windows. But cloud cover moved in, and my room was a bit dark. I didn’t mind much, except it made it more challenging to stay awake through the passing hours of writing.

I walked into my room late afternoon and noticed a light switch by the bed. It was in plain view, but I hadn’t noticed it. Before I flipped it, I looked up and, sure enough, there was recessed-lighting directly above my bed.


Sometimes we adjust to a dim environment when we have access to good lighting. With better lighting, we see more details and stay alert.

Light is important to our lives, not just practically, but spiritually and emotionally. Pay attention to the light sources you’re relying on. You might have adjusted to the dimness in your daily life. You might not be aware of the light sources at your fingertips.

Live in revealing light.

1 thought on “Dim Lighting”

  1. Lightful! On a light note…I read why people in Australia has less Heart Attacks compared to European Countries is they have more sun lights to break down the NO from their skin. Yes they may have skin cancer if exposed more but dying from skin cancer is very less compared to heart attack’s.


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