My Life with God

Knotted Faith

photo-1516031580674-b9de79006c60Crises of belief don’t have to be the end of faith. They can become the foundation that a stronger faith is built on. (Steven Furtick)

I’ve talked to a few people who have said they have never struggled with faith. They’ve had no doubts. Faith has always been a part of their lives.

Those people are anomalies.

Don’t feel bad because you’ve doubted, struggled, and questioned.

When do we learn the most powerful lessons? When we go through tough times.

What relationships go the deepest? The ones in which we’ve been honest with ourselves and others and revealed weaknesses and worked through challenges.

What faith is the strongest? The one that has been tested, refined, broken and repaired.

Years ago, I watched a video which used the illustration of a rope connecting self and God. Sometimes that rope gets worn, and sometimes it gets severed. Something in life happens, and we question where we are and where God is. What’s the meaning or purpose of it all? It’s just too much. We need to stand somewhere else. We need space to run. We need to trust something else. And we search.

When we stop running and spinning, when we authentically pursue truth, we often find ourselves looking toward God again. That rope that once connected us gets tied together. In that tying process, we are closer to God.

If you’ve separated from God, there is hope and redemption.

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