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What Is Pure Purpose?

photo-1414878611421-e61aafbe5217You weren’t born to find purpose. You were already born with purpose. (Angela Davis)

All water begins somewhere. When you consider water at its source, like a mountain spring, what qualities come to mind?

It’s water at its purest. Clean, untainted, untouched. And then it begins to meander. Along the way it picks up impurities: dirt, dead plants, animal waste, rocks, garbage. And yet it has a purpose at every point along the way.

Water is cleansing. It sustains life. It provides power. It allows transportation.

And yet as soon as water comes in contact with the earth and even the air, it’s impure. But God works out the purpose through those impurities. Because they’re God’s purposes, they’re pure purposes. What God intended as the purpose for each drop of water that bubbles out of the spring or falls from the cloud remains the purpose for that drop despite all the impurities that it encounters along the way.

It’s the same for you. He has had purpose for you since before you were born, and even though your life has meandered through some muddy waters and picked up unnecessary and unwelcome junk along the way, God’s purpose hasn’t changed. He works through the impurities. Because God’s purpose is pure purpose.

Whether you march forward with determination or stumble along with sore feet and uncertain steps, your focus can match God’s focus, which is on the horizon. Some days it looks beautiful and inviting, and sometimes the haze and swirling rains obscure our view. But whether you see it or not, whether you acknowledge it or not, God’s purpose is set before you.

5 thoughts on “What Is Pure Purpose?”

  1. We have so much hope because Jesus cleans up the water of our lives. We live with purpose, no matter how messy that is at times and are able to stand before God radiating whiteness of snow.
    Thanks for reminding us to live God’s purpose.

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