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Community Over Control

photo-1536429798428-5ac4dbebcc58I invited friends to a work day at my new house. Several people worked on several projects throughout several rooms, and there is not a lot of extra room in the house, especially when people are walking in and out with supplies.

I’m a little picky about some of the details of the projects that were happening. But I also knew I couldn’t do it all. There were some things I couldn’t do at all by myself, and I was thankful for people who have different skills than I do and were willing to help. Even with the things I can do well, I wanted to ask for help.

I could have done more of it on my own for quality control, but I wanted to have friends alongside me. Community is worth the risks. Involving others is worth it. Coming together with different skills, personalities, techniques is worth it.

I wouldn’t have said that fifteen years ago. I would have tried to do as much as possible by myself.

That day was hectic. It was the first full day I was in the house. People came and went. Some stopped by just the check in. Some things got done I hadn’t planned to start, and we didn’t progress as much as I’d planned on other things. And it was a good day.

It was a great day.

The blog post I’d scheduled for that day reflected on the difference between excitement and gratefulness of the home purchase. Several people read the post before they helped and mentioned it. It was another reminder of thankfulness for the people in my life.

Great friends. Great day. Great hope and gratitude.

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