My Life with God

Boost or Bust

photo-1504196606672-aef5c9cefc92Are you a booster or a buster?

There might be a difference between how you see yourself and how others see you. It’s important to consider both perspectives.

When we boost others, sincerity is key. We boost others in truth. We don’t inflate them based on accomplishments, because if they already struggle with performance, perfection, and measuring up, we only feed into their weaknesses. Boosting others requires getting to know them, investing in their lives, listening to them as they grow and change. Boosting others doesn’t rely on affirming what they already see or want to see in themselves. It is often helping to point out and emphasize what they might not see clearly in their lives. Boosting comes alongside someone to help them see another perspective.

In our attempts to boost someone, we can bust them instead. But when our motivation is selfless, when we set ourselves aside and genuinely want to help, even our meager efforts can boost someone. When we show we care by investing in others, pursuing others, and considering others, we win, and so do the people we’re doing life with.

Boosting others is a humble attitude. It is a posture. It is valuable.

Choose to go beyond a “good job” or “I’m proud of you” today. Go deeper. Walk alongside someone and listen. Encourage. Invest.

Boosting others will stretch your perspective and change your heart.

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