My Life with God

Memory Changes

photo-1533158307587-828f0a76ef46I opened my Timehop app to find several memories.

  • Three years earlier, I’d been in Washington with my daughter to speak at a women’s event.
  • Four years earlier, I’d prepared the first stack of Mombarded books to ship when it released.
  • Six years earlier, I’d been on a tropical getaway with my ex.

So many good memories.

My life has changed. My daughter is now a mom. I’ve released more books, including brand new Fractured Into Wholeness. And I’ll never vacation with my ex again. (However, I’m confident I’ll enjoy a tropical getaway or two.)

I’m making new memories every single day. So are you. Some memories you’ll want to keep close, and others you’d rather blur a bit or even demolish.

Life keeps moving. We keep growing. We keep learning.

And that’s exciting to me. I hope it is for you, too. Savor today. Don’t miss the possibilities. Today’s experiences are tomorrow’s memories.


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