My Life with God

Prayer Poke

photo-1525565004407-a1f6f55b5dd6A friend popped into my mind a few times throughout the day. I paused to pray, then moved on until the next prompt.

I think sometimes God gently pokes me to prompt me into prayer or other action. After a few pokes, he sometimes gets a bit more obvious and shoves me. And that’s what happened a few days ago.

I didn’t feel the need to reach out to my friend and let her know I’d been praying…until God made it obvious. During a conversation with someone I barely know, my friend’s sons were complimented. The person I barely knew commented on how well he noticed they had done something at my house. He didn’t know them, but I felt as if, especially after a day of prayer prompts, God was highlighting my friend and her family. I decided to call her and pass along the affirmation but also let her know about the prompts.

I quickly learned there was cause behind the prompts to prayer. I was thankful I’d listened, especially to the shove to reach out and personally connect.

Reach out today.

2 thoughts on “Prayer Poke”

  1. This sounds very familiar. I especially feel “poked” when I happen to think of someone who I have not seen for quite a while. Sometimes I learn of their situation later, sometimes not. I just say a prayer and leave the rest to God.


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