My Life with God

Book of Concern

photo-1552508744-1696d4464960When I travelled to see one of my best friends, one of our plans was to visit her favorite bookstore, which I’d visited with her on earlier trips, and I completely understood why she liked it so much. My goal was to find a new Bible.

It was fun to sit on the floor and pull a variety of Bibles off the shelves and leaf through the pages, especially with my friend’s help. We agreed on my final choice, and when it was time for me to fly home several days later, I packed it in my backpack to carry on the plane with me.

As I waited on the far side of the security line, waiting for my bag, I noticed the TSA agents were looking closely at the screen. I could tell by the arrangement of items that it was my bag they were scrutinizing. I tried to recall what might be prompting concern. Finally, one of the agents turned to me and asked, “Do you have a dense book or a book with silver or gold edges?”

I smiled, “Yes, my new Bible.”

He chuckled and pressed the button to send my bag to me on the conveyor belt as he said, “That’s it. You’re free to go.”

Who knew a dense book with fancy edges could cause confusion or concern? Who knew a security agent would smile as he realized what caused the confusion or concern?

Not everyone would be as friendly when finding out I carried a Bible. Not everywhere would allow me to continue on my way with my Bible. I was thankful, even joyful, because my Bible was already prompting a chuckle and conversation even before I had dug into it. I’m pretty sure it’s not the last time it will prompt confusion and concern, too.

And I am grateful for that as well, because Scripture is many things at once: soothing, challenging, bewildering, convicting, and more. And I am glad I can dig into it every single day.


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