My Life with God

Challenged to Change

photo-1524758870432-af57e54afa26On a recent trip, I got to see several good friends from my past. Many of the interactions were unexpected. I spent several afternoons and evenings having great conversations about difficult topics. As we dug into some tough questions of life, we seemed to lean back, finding comfort in not needing to agree on the answers. In some cases, we couldn’t even find the answers. But we explored, and as we did, we went deeper in our relationships. We trusted each other. We challenged each other to have different perspectives and allowed ourselves to be changed.

As we humbly shared the pieces each of us had – whether creative ideas or solutions or opinions or experiences – pieces began to lock together. In isolation, our pieces lacked strength and context. Together, they began to sketch rough pictures of possibilities. I, for one, continue to reflect on some of those conversations. Each time, I am grateful for friends who can consider and wrestle with tough stuff with respect, and I continue to invest in their lives by reaching out or praying. They have certainly continued to invest in my life, as our conversations took root.

I continue to cultivate growth.

I continue to savor good friendships and healthy conversations.

Take time to share and listen today. Be willing to grow.

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