My Life with God

Clearly Community

The snow began while I was at work. It was mixed with ice and was making enough of a mess that I took several minutes to be sure my wipers were not frozen, and I could see well enough to drive home. As I got close to my house, I noticed someone in my driveway. Two someones.

Who was clearing my driveway and walk? My neighbor and his young son. I hopped into the cold and said, “What a surprise! Thanks, but I can certainly shovel!” The boy responded, “I wanted to!” His dad affirmed, “It was his idea.” How could I argue with that?

I pulled into the garage and went inside as they finished. Then I remembered I was making cookies for a family that evening. I opened the door and asked, “Any chance you’d like some warm cookies later when they come out of the oven?” The dad started to say, “That’s okay. We don’t need them.” The son beat him to it with his enthusiastic, “Sure!”

About an hour later, I packed warm cookies and attached an envelope to the top with a note of thanks and five dollars. I placed them on the neighbors’ front steps and knocked.

I returned home to the warmth and smell of freshly baked cookies. But something else was even more welcoming—the comfort of community, living among people who help and share. It’s a good place to be.

Be kind to your neighbors today.

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