My Life with God

A Good, Good Family

photo-1529932398402-e0b30f66a559I watched an interaction between a father figure and young man in a movie, and while scripted, it caught my attention. The father figure encouraged the young man for who he was becoming but added, “You need a team, a family. I hope you’ll choose mine, because I’ve already chosen you.”

I smiled.

That’s a bit like God sidling up to me or you or anyone else to give his encouragement and add his challenge to grow and to choose more. To choose him.

We get to team up with him, to look to and trust him. But we have to choose. And not just once. Living with him and following him well is daily. The more intentional we are with him, the more we grow with him. And growth is not always comfortable or convenient, but it can be healthy and purposeful.

I’m glad I’ve chosen God. I’m glad I continue to choose him.

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