My Life with God

Catch Me If You Can

photo-1489494098705-24dcbf192bd3I know there have been times when I was young, when playing Tag, somebody slowed down enough to let me reach out and catch them. They could have continued to outrun me, but they slowed down because something about our relationship made the connection between us – even if only in a game – more important than pursuing distance and escape.

Grace pursues us. It reaches out to us. But do we position ourselves so that we invite God to reach us with his grace? Or do we run with all out might, struggling for what we believe to be control and pursuit of some sort of achievement? Do we only slow down to let God reach us when we are simply too exhausted or frustrated? And how often are we touched with God’s grace but aren’t sensitive enough to notice or admit it?

Consider your pace today, your direction (to or from someone or something), and your motivation. Be intentional and be aware.

Invite God’s grace with every single step.

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